Wedding Notes

Resisting the idea of a wedding has several considerations. Firstly, I have always been averse to being the center of attention since childhood. Secondly, organizing for relatives and friends is not my forte. I do have a sense of vanity and hope for some recognition for my achievements, but being praised as the center of attention in any situation or suddenly becoming the focus of attention makes me very uncomfortable, and it has been the case since I was young. Unlike some friends who fear or dislike interactions between blood relatives, the idea of inviting various relatives and friends who I don't interact with much on a daily basis to a wedding is indeed a significant psychological burden.

However, there are some things that cannot be skipped, and a wedding is one of them. During the process, my partner and I had plans and struggles. Initially, I had to convince my mother, and perhaps out of respect for our thoughts, she didn't insist too much at the beginning, giving us a false sense of optimism. It wasn't until a few months before the wedding when both sets of parents met and seriously discussed the wedding that we realized the difficulty of avoiding a wedding or having a very simple ceremony.

Through this process, my partner and I gradually understood the precise role of the groom and bride in a wedding, which is not easy to comprehend from TV dramas or other people's experiences. One of us is an only child, and the other is the eldest in the family. Our parents have spent half their lives in the county town and need this ceremony as a milestone. Our friends were a minority at the wedding, with more relatives and parents' friends present, so we were the premise of the ceremony but not the absolute focus.

Preparing for a wedding is an extremely complex project, intertwined with the integration of weddings in the region in everyone's consciousness, gradually forming an incredibly intricate process. All the sub-processes eventually became "publicly recognized" as indispensable. This decision itself cannot be made by two people or a small family. The scattered elder brothers and sisters from different places were bustling around like during the New Year, but this time it was for me, and it felt very warm. Therefore, in this atmosphere, it became even clearer that marriage is not just about two people but the beginning of communication between two large families.

With the support of a large family, we actually felt somewhat relaxed before the wedding. Apart from trying on clothes and introducing our families, there wasn't much else to keep us busy from start to finish. It felt like a rare vacation at home, even more carefree than during the New Year. Interestingly, the two days before the wedding were probably the two days with the least communication between us since we met, as there were still many things to discuss. On the night before the wedding, I even felt a sense of loneliness lying in bed.

On the wedding day, as my teacher advised me, there were many details that could be cared about or ignored. Of course, I chose not to care, as long as the wedding proceeded smoothly, the ultimate evaluation would be a successful one. Although there were indeed many small incidents during the process, they only added to the conversation.

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