Use openlayers vector source loader

The vector source's url option is the first choice for loading vector data, but it doesn't work when a special post-processing or loading strategy required.

Loading strategy#

First, we should learn about loading strategy in openlayers. there are 3 standard loading strategy in openlayers.

  • all: loading all features in a request.
  • bbox: loading features according to current view's extent and resolution.
  • tile: loading features based on a tile grid, difference between all or bbox, it takes a TileGrid as parameter.
    Obviously, the bbox is the most suitable one for loader, because when we accept the all strategy, the url option seems ok.


Suppose such a feature, our data according to zoom level, when zoom changed, we have to request data again for current zoom level.

	console.log("loading data in resolution",resolution);
		let features = source.getFormat().readFeatures(response);

The demo code, we expect loader triggered when view's zoom changed, clear previous features and load new features at new zoom. but when scroll the wheel, It is not the case.
The log message show the loader only triggered in the first few times, when we keep increasing the zoom level (resolution), loader is no longer triggered.
But why?
The extent is the main controller of the loader, when loader(extent...) called, the extent will add to the source's loaded extent (codein Vector.js), so ,if resolution changed but new extent is within loaded extent, loader will not be triggered.
It's clear now, the extents in the first few time contain follows, so when we keep increasing zoom level, the vector source doesn't invoke its loader unless the extent exceed loaded extent.

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