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The recent Morey incident has sparked my curiosity about current events, which I haven't had in a long time.

Initially, my intention was to be a bystander, as I didn't have much knowledge about the situation in Hong Kong. I only saw that Hong Kong seemed to be unstable through various reports.

It is now 2020 and I am filling this gap again. The reason I didn't continue writing before was because I started it, then put it down for a while, and my emotions weren't as strong anymore. Also, I didn't want to discuss overly sensitive topics in my blog.

Firstly, my basic stance is that I love my country and I oppose any foreign forces interfering in our domestic affairs. I also oppose anyone who takes advantage of the situation to make destabilizing remarks.

Secondly, I have my own views on the direction of public opinion.

Firstly, his remarks are definitely wrong.

As a management team of a basketball team that heavily relies on the Chinese market, it is understandable that they have such thoughts within their limited media environment. However, publicly expressing these thoughts on social media is absolutely wrong.

Secondly, it is reasonable and correct for domestic media to condemn him.

Domestic media has the obligation to correct his erroneous views in the international public opinion arena. They also have the duty and responsibility to explain and clarify our views on Hong Kong-related issues to the international community.

Thirdly, it is not unreasonable for a large number of reports and public opinion guidance to be conducted domestically.

Compared to direct reports on the situation in Hong Kong, this incident may be more attractive to some people. It serves as a reminder for more members of the public to actively understand the situation in Hong Kong, which has a positive effect.

Fourthly, it has led to "public sanctions" from various sectors of society towards their related business.

The most direct impact is that the broadcasting of Rockets games has been gradually canceled on various platforms. Afterwards, various platforms no longer report news related to the Rockets, and NBA-related games have also taken measures to treat Rockets players and jerseys differently.

This whole process makes people feel less accepting than the previous points, because some of the logic is very twisted.

Firstly, regarding the broadcasting issue, it seems reasonable to stop broadcasting Rockets games when the team's manager made remarks. However, NBA President Adam Silver's statement did not actually oppose Morey's remarks. If we consider the influence and degree of error, it is not inferior to Morey's, so why didn't other NBA games stop broadcasting? Is it because the relationship between other teams and Morey is not as direct? Or is it because there is a larger overall interest at stake and it cannot be stopped?

Secondly, it is certain that those involved in related industries stand on the side of the motherland and look down on Morey and others. But do they have to sacrifice their own economic interests to express their inner thoughts? Furthermore, can we be tolerant enough to give these people the right to decide on their own actions? The fact is that it seems we cannot. Public opinion applauds anyone who loudly declares their separation from Morey (and their own economic interests). Public opinion will find those who are concerned about their own economic interests, not everyone, but there will always be some people who doubt their feelings towards the country. These "public sanctions" have indeed affected the income of Morey and others, but the losses suffered by related professionals among our compatriots are much greater.

Thirdly, these "public sanctions" are just a formality. On forums, we cannot mention the team name, but we still discuss it and it's not difficult to use alternative names. In community-driven news reporting, we cannot directly mention the team name, but there are always other ways to report it. Official channels may not broadcast, but there are always other ways to watch. The players' jerseys have changed in the game, the team name on the cards has changed, but the game is still being played for a living, and players are still clicking on various cards for entertainment.

In summary, I sincerely hope that when guiding everyone to express their patriotic feelings, public media should also consider the methods and approaches. We should love our country, but also try to understand our fellow countrymen. Sacrificing one's own interests to express one's own attitude should be seen as a normal personal behavior. It should not be used as an example to indirectly coerce others. This would also avoid the superficial "public sanctions" mentioned above.

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