The Greatest Works Around

The album on the 15th is one of the few things I'm looking forward to in July, besides getting off work and weekends.

I ordered the physical album and didn't plan on buying the digital album. I planned to use the "pirated version" first and then export it to another player to play it. When the songs were released early on the 15th, I couldn't wait any longer and bought the digital album at 9:28 PM. When several new songs appeared on the album interface and were playable, I hesitated a lot and didn't know where to start listening. In the end, I chose to listen in order.

I'm an old fan, but I can't write professional music reviews. However, during this half month of waiting for the "works," I have observed some things outside of the album in Tieba and fan groups.

This half month has been quite "eventful." First, there was news that the album would include several old songs, which caused some major controversy. After the songs were released, there were no surprises as expected, and the declining quality of the songs never disappoints. Then there was the dispute about album sales and a certain Xiao's "top one," which was also quite a hot topic.

Recently, I've been obsessed with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Because of that, I downloaded some meme posts and newbie live stream posts on Tieba. Looking at the Lunba (Lun's Bar) was just a side thing, and I discovered an interesting phenomenon. In the Sekiro Bar, which is mainly for "stinky game players," the atmosphere is surprisingly good. They patiently answer questions from newbies and actively help analyze problems, with very few low-quality comments. On the other hand, in the Lunba, there are endless discussions of dozens of floors about throat, skill level, sincerity, and other keywords, with little nutritional value.

In my opinion, the difference in atmosphere and discussions is related to emotional output and the different basic qualities required for the content they focus on.

On the first level, in the 🐺 Bar, the posts mainly consist of newbie questions, memes, and experience sharing. The biggest controversy that can arise is probably about which handling of a certain move is better, usually with an objective result. Even if there isn't, the discussion can end based on habits and personal preferences. However, when it comes to discussing whether a music work is "good or bad," there is no way to "discuss" it. It can only be a simple subjective emotional output where I say it's good and you say it's not, which inevitably leads to unfriendly conversations.

The so-called second level is actually related to the above. It was mentioned earlier that discussing the "good or bad" of music works cannot be discussed, but it's not absolute. If there are a few friends with a deep understanding of music theory, they can have in-depth discussions about the style, arrangement, and melodic arrangement of music works. It's just that these discussions are unlikely to happen on Tieba. On the other hand, when it comes to specific games, after spending dozens of hours, one can become an "expert." In game bars, there are also very few discussions comparing multiple games, which reduces the occurrence of conflicts. In simple terms, discussing the quality of music itself has a higher threshold, and lacking these foundations easily leads to falling into the "good or bad trap." One difference between games and music is that besides the high threshold discussions about quality, players can also discuss objective attributes such as game skills and route plans, forming a more enjoyable atmosphere for sensory communication.

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