Courier, Parcel Locker, and Me

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During the discussion, people talked about policies and costs from different perspectives. From a broader perspective, it is true that there is a lack of regulation in the last mile delivery, but objectively speaking, it is extremely difficult to establish strong regulations.

What I want to express is that some people believe that delivery lockers only benefit the delivery service providers, but I have reservations about this viewpoint.

Personally, during my time in school, deliveries were always "forced" to be sent to the delivery point. I had to queue up and "interact" with the staff to pick up the packages, and sometimes the pickup location was far away. The pickup point had fixed working hours, while the delivery lockers allowed me to pick up my packages until 11 PM. So, during my school days, I actually preferred the delivery locker option. This is something that needs to be clarified, as my perception of delivery lockers was formed based on the comparison between school and pickup points.

Since I started working and renting a place, I receive more deliveries at home. I don't use SF Express much, but Yunda Express defaults to delivery lockers, and calls me for each package. If someone is at home, they bring it upstairs; if not, they put it in the delivery locker. For other couriers, I directly go to the pickup point. The pickup point in my residential area is quite far, but it's not troublesome to ride a bike.

The delivery person from impressed me the most. I received a luggage delivery from, which included two large packages of bedding and clothes. It was raining that day, and because it was a workday, I wasn't at home during the day. The delivery person called and said they would leave it at the pickup point first. In my mind, I expected the delivery person to bring it to the entrance of my building as a final step. Even if I had to pick it up myself from the pickup point, it wouldn't be a problem. So, I didn't pay much attention to the second half of the conversation and just said thank you before hanging up. When I arrived at the pickup point, I planned to carry the packages back myself, but the staff at the pickup point told me that they were temporarily storing it there and that the delivery person would bring it to me later in the evening. When I received the delivery at night, I was genuinely grateful to the delivery person because my old residential building didn't have an elevator.

So, from the perspective of empathizing with the physical labor of delivery personnel, I support something that simultaneously benefits the platform and the delivery person.

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