Domain Name Nightmare II: godaddy cancels automatic renewal

For a recap, please refer to Domain Nightmare.

The domain is about to expire on 02-04, and I have been receiving more emails from GoDaddy. Since I had enabled auto-renewal, I didn't receive any renewal emails. They were all asking me to change my payment method to make the auto-renewal effective.

Your payment method is missing or about to expire.

Do not risk losing your domain and any related websites or email services.

If you have set up a backup payment method, your product may be protected. If you don't have a backup payment method, you can [add a backup payment method immediately].

On 01-09, time was running out, so I decided to pay the protection fee.

With the background of the Domain Nightmare, this time I logged in smoothly using WeChat.

The interface is as follows:

Renewal Interface

From this, we can see that there are clickable buttons:

  • Enable Auto-Renewal
  • Update Payment

Clicking on "Enable Auto-Renewal" has no obvious effect.

Clicking on "Update Payment" shows:


Afterwards, I can only choose a new payment method, and in the final step, I can only choose to pay with a Visa credit card.

I was confused at that time because I was able to pay with Alipay last year when renewing.

Continuing to search, under the product directory, since auto-renewal was set up, I couldn't renew directly.

To cancel auto-renewal, I need to go to the official account -> My Renewal -> Cancel Renewal. After canceling, I can renew directly.

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