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I have always wanted to express my opinions on young people who are younger than me.

I have limited abilities and do not want to consider myself different from others or claim to be the only one who is awake while everyone else is intoxicated. I just want to express my own views.

Compared to my impression of myself as a "reckless" young person, it seems that the young people of this generation are not worse off. Looking back at my own time, accompanied by youth and ignorance, the mobile internet went from its infancy to rapid development. The young people studying in middle school were immersed in articles of generally poor quality, from QQ space to various online literature websites. There were all kinds of posts with attractive titles, life experiences, truths, and views on love. At that time, I also enjoyed reading them and truly believed that I had understood life, thinking that I was extremely mature. As a result, I naturally started lecturing my parents on certain principles. I also expressed my "profound insights" in some places.

Compared to the familiar community of acquaintances on QQ space back then, the young people's online social circles nowadays have expanded wider and broader due to their interests in platforms like Bilibili. Compared to the content that was mainly articles back then, today's content is more diverse and of higher quality. I love watching edited videos of game streamers and some current affairs commentary programs on Bilibili, which is my biggest pastime after work and study. Everyone likes to see content and comments that align with their own opinions, which most of the time enhances the viewing experience of the videos. However, when a few people hold different opinions, everything becomes "bad," and everyone speaks with an attitude of "I am better than you." Naturally, these conversations shift from discussing viewpoints to other areas of disagreement.

It is gratifying that most young people in this generation love their country, respect morals, and uphold the law. Their values are very positive. In some positive programs, the barrage of comments allows everyone to find a sense of pride in their country and a sense of national identity. However, there are also some aspects that make me uncomfortable. For example,

I have no regrets about being born in China.

I have seen this comment many times, but I always feel uncomfortable. To put it in a stereotypical way, I think those who repeatedly post this comment are probably underage or immature. Logically speaking, since we are born into this world, we do not have the opportunity to choose the era, our parents, let alone the country. So where does the word "regret" come from? I respect our ancestors and love our country, but I feel that this statement does not express my emotions and instead makes me feel awkward.

What prompted me to write this was an "attack" article about "pandownload" that I happened to come across on Bilibili.

I have always thought that the idea and even the action of wanting to enjoy services for free can be understood, but it is difficult to accept when people feel justified and even take it for granted to criticize the normal business practices of service providers. What is even more difficult to accept is the "same voice" of comments under this article.

Everyone discussed whether the reasons for convicting the "pandownload" software were sufficient and how moral Baidu, the company behind it, was, but they all forgot that in this incident, Baidu was actually the victim. In this matter, I can understand the operational cost pressure behind Baidu's cloud storage service and the company's expectations for profitability from this product. Running a product incurs costs, and products need to make a profit, but it seems that more people are unwilling to try to understand this.

I am someone who does not like advertisements, perhaps more than most people. However, I would never blame any company or developer who has put effort into developing a product and receives compensation for it. It is only natural. Similarly, when using Baidu Cloud, if the speed affects my usage and puts me in a bad mood, but if it really affects my work and study, I would pay to buy my time instead of blaming others.

This is indeed a moral issue, but it is not a moral issue of the company, but a moral issue of those who think it is natural for companies to provide free and high-quality services. This is my view on this matter.

Terrifying same voice. These young people can have their own opinions and, of course, they can freely express their opinions. However, if some of their incorrect opinions are deepened with the support of more voices, that is not acceptable. In addition, some "opinion leaders" who either simply want to express their "justice" or simply want to profit from selling their opinions are also assimilating the views of young people with incorrect opinions, which is even more worrying.

Using myself as a reference, I know that it is not easy for teenagers to fully understand things, so young people still need the guidance of truly knowledgeable individuals. Therefore, this society is unprecedentedly filled with "experts," and at the same time, it is unprecedentedly in need of experts' voices.

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