Hello crossbell & xLog, again.

It's been half a year since I last visited xlog. Now, after experiencing many Web3-based content platforms, the hugo x vercel approach doesn't seem as appealing anymore. Instead, what draws me to xlog is its clean and beautiful interface, and direct interactive experience. I'm delighted to rediscover xlog.

Initially, I used Chrome and MetaMask extensions to access the platform, but the experience was poor. Later, I switched to the Brave browser and used its built-in Web3 wallet, which greatly improved the experience. Although I still need to re-login, authorize, and sign in across different subdomains, it's still acceptable.

Returning to xlog made me feel like a newcomer again, but this time I was taken care of by @diygod, who helped me overcome the awkward situation of having no followers. I also discovered many interesting contents through the platform. I look forward to making more friends in the future.

Though the feed and sync ecosystems are still in early stages, they are already sufficient for discovering interesting content on this platform.

I was happy to discover that I gained 20 new followers and received 10 $MIRA from Crossbell after being offline for a few days. It's my first income from something I've written, and it brings me joy.

Therefore, I have decided to edit my "hello world" post again. Additionally, I enjoyed the AI summary section.

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